DinoPark reveals a previously unknown
world of dinosaurs

About Us

Unearth Our Story:
Bringing Dinosaurs to Life

DinoPark Bled-Radovljica is among the first theme and show parks in Slovenia. It is located in the heart of Gorenjska, near the pearl of Slovenia – Bled, and Radovljica, and only a 25-minute drive from Ljubljana. We are still the creators of most of the exhibits. Our construction crew produces the displays while cooperating with European production and commercial houses.

Preserving Earth's Prehistoric Wonders

Our project is not only an amusement park but primarily a professional popular science acquisition suitable for families, individuals, tourists, and school groups. The project is harmoniously placed in the natural environment, complementing one another. Thus, we did not build specific paths in the park, change the topography in any other way, or remove trees or other environmental structures. Come and immerse yourselves in the age of dinosaurs!

DinoPark is located outdoors, in nature, just outside Bled. On the right side of the road, you will see the entrance to the DinoPark. The dinosaurs are inviting you to take a closer look.

DinoPark is located in the forest. This makes it particularly suitable for a visit on hot summer days since the shade of the trees offers shelter from high temperatures. You are invited to our DinoPark as early as April during weekends and holidays when it gets warm enough for our dinosaurs to wake up from their winter sleep.

DinoPark is suitable for organized groups to visit, both the youngest, preschool, and school children. There are many educational and fun activities with a professional guide in the DinoPark. The ticket price is also adjusted for groups. Welcome!