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In Dinopark you will keep company of prehistoric dinosaurs, from the smallest to the bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex – Trex. All dinosaurs are tamed and love children, allowing the youngest ones to even ride on them. During the time you will spend with your loved ones in the prehistoric mesozoic era, you will be able to refresh and relax at Dino Bar by the playground.

Dino Bar

While you enjoy yourselves and immerse yourselves completely in the prehistoric era, you will be able to relax with a refreshing beverage by the playground, where our friendly staff will take care of you and your youngest ones.   

Dino Kino

The new 2018 season will bring a new and excitibg feature to Dinopark, especially for our youngest visitors. At the entrance to Dinopark, all visitors will be able to watch an educational animated movie and enter a real Dinopark with some prior knowledge.   

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